Inglês Todos os Dias #69: Vovó, que dentes grandes você tem! – What a / an vs How

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Inglês Todos os Dias #69: Vovó, que dentes grandes você tem! – What a / an vs How

Vovó, que dentes grandes você tem! Como você diria essa frase em inglês? Você sabe construir frases exclamativas com What a / an ________ e How _________ em inglês? Vamos aprender essas estruturas importantes no mini-podcast de hoje - com a participação especial do meu sobrinho e da chapeuzinho vermelho! 🙂





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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

What a situation!

What a story!

How interesting!

What an interesting story!

What a story!

What a situation!

What a difficult situation!

How difficult!

How fun!

What a fun day!

Little Red Riding Hood

What big ears you have!

What a big ear!

What big eyes you have!

What big teeth you have!

What a big teeth!

What a good heart you have!





Agora vamos praticar!

Escreva uma frase exclamativa com HOW ou WHAT, assim:
How __(adjective)__ !
What a __(adjective)__  __(noun)__ !

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #69: Vovó, que dentes grandes você tem! – What a / an vs How”

How easy it is to learn english here!

What a class!

Thank you Tim!

What a nice comment! 🙂 Thank you so much!

How beautiful you are!
What a great weak we had!
Gave you 5 stars on ITunes!! Loving your podcasts!!! 

You’re such a sweetie, Bruna! 🙂 Thank you for the 5 stars! I already sent you the gift!

What a good tip you taught us!

Thank you, Gabriela! So glad you liked it! Great job with your sentence – as always!

What a great site! 😀 Thank’s very much… 

Thank YOU for participating here! It’s people like you who make this a great place!

How awesome!
What an awesome lesson!

Thank you, Isabela! So glad you liked it! Great job with your sentence!

How fun this class was!
What an awesome teacher you are!

And what a great student you are! Thank you for participating!

Hi teacher! I live in Curitiba, even though it is named as a cold city, it is very hot today, so, I can say ” What a hot day!”
by the way how can I get your bonus about telephone calls? 

It’s hot here, too, Marilene! Thank God for air-conditioning!

I already sent you the bonus. Just make sure it’s not in your spam folder, ok? Thank you for your interest and participation!

Tim, How useful your podcasts are. What a teacher you are.

And what a good student and English speaker you are, José! 🙂 Thank you for your participation!

What an interesting class!

Thanks, Wender! 🙂

What an  interesting story.

How awesome.

Thanks, Vicente! So glad you liked it! 🙂

what a good tip!
I’m not used to write. I’m afraid of make mistakes.
I’m following your tips for a long time.
And I want you to know how helpful your tips are.
thank you 

Thank YOU for participating here, Wagner! You did a great job with your sentences!

How useful and enjoyable was this class. I loved it! Congratulations!!

How nice, Raquel! So glad you liked it!

What an interesting day with this story!
How beautiful
How difficult to remember some old english words.

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Great job with your sentences, Mauro! Thank you for participating here!

Thank you Tim? One more tip! I didn’t know about that!

Greetings from Spain

Hello, Vera! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! It’s already great to see you here!

What a Wonderful World ! ( I love this song)
How interesting! These tips are very useful!

That’s true, Marcel! I should have used this song in the beginning of the podcast!

What a useful lesson, dear Tim!

Thanks 😀

Thank you, Liliane! So glad you liked it!

Olá Tim! Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho! Fiquei com uma dúvida quanto aos artigos a/an. Se eu colocar um adjetivo antes do substantivo que começa com vogal, eu ainda preciso colocar o an ou pode ser o a? ex: You´re such a good actress! ou You´re such an good actress??

Olá, Milena! O certo é “You’re such a good actress!” (a palavra que segue o artigo é o que determina.)

How interesting.
What a great class.
Thank you for your tips.

How nice of you to participate here, Luciana! Thank you for your comment!

How fabulous these podcasts are.
What a great teacher.


how beatiful !
what a strange situation !

Great job!