Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #24: Who + Perguntas no Present Continuous (parte 5)

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #24: Who + Perguntas no Present Continuous (parte 5)

Quem está estudando inglês, levante a mão! Para fazer essa pergunta - Quem está estudando inglês? - precisamos usar o pronome Who com o Present Continuous em inglês. Vamos praticar essa estrutura no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

Who is studying English, raise your hand.
Who is Studying / Who's studying, raise your hand.
Who is eating lunch? / Who is having lunch?
Who is reading, raise your hand.
I am.
My wife is.


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Escreva uma pergunta com Who + Present Continuous no setor de comentários abaixo, assim:

Who is _______ing?

E responda qualquer pergunta que você quiser.

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50 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #24: Who + Perguntas no Present Continuous (parte 5)”

Who is sleeping? Wake up, is time to go to school.

Who`s working, put your hands up! I`m working right now! 🙂

I’m working now!

Keep working!

I am, Emerson!
I’ve worked since 8 o’clock.
See you!

I’m too! It’s lucky nowadays!

Who is reading, raise your hand.

I’m reading all coments and replying

That’s great! Keep it up!

I am!

I am!

Who is learning English?

I’m learning english with this site!

Wonderful, Ren! So glad to hear that!

I hope everyone is!

Who is liking the lesson? Raise your hand.

i’m liking the lesson and studying more and more!

Great! Keep up the good work!

Who is learning a lot with Tim? Raise your hand!

Me! Me! Me! :-d

I’m learning and improving my skills in english!

You’re doing great!

I think so everyone.

Tim please, Explain this present perfect construction to me “Have you considered using the telegraph”.

I saw it in one of your phrasal verbs course whose title is “Phrasal verbs that begin with the letters E and F”

Thanks in advance

É tipo “Você (já) considerou usar…”

Você conhece o nosso curso “Present Perfect em 14 Dias?
Link ==> <== Link

Who´s knocking on my door?

Ok Tim! I’ll sign up the “present perfect course” the next month! Will you open a new class?

Yes, there are vacancies available right now. Good luck with your studies!

Maybe Axel Rose knock your door, if you listening guitars before knock!

Who is Learning English here, raise your hand.

I hope everyone is!

I’m learning english and practicing now!

That’s the way to go!


Who’s watching “Dr. Who” in Syfy channel, raise your hand.

I’m not watching it right now, but I’ve seen a few episodes.

Uma duvida: existe diferenca em put e raise??

“Put your hands up” seria “levante as mãos”. É mais comum usar “raise your hand” para se dizer, “levante a mão” (para responder a uma pergunta, por exemplo.)

Hélio Tim.

Who is awake? raise your  Hand.

I am! 🙂

Who’s drinking coffee? RAISE YOUR HAND!!! – hahaha

I am!!

I’m too.

Who is prepared for the Olympics ? Raise your hand 😀 

Who is hungry ?

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Se a pergunta for: Who is sleeping now? Está correta a resposta: Mary is. ??

Who is cleaning the dishes, now?

Who is working now? Raise your hand.

Who is trying learn English, raise your hand ? hahahahhah

Always learning!

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